Interior Cleaning Steam Wash: The Ultimate Home Service

Interior cleaning steam wash is the ultimate home service available in Dubai today. Using the latest cleaning methods, this service can leave your home spotless and sparkling clean in no time at all.

Reasons why you should get your car cleaned

It is a fact that a dirty car interior can negatively affect your car’s performance and even make it unsafe to drive. Interior cleaning should be done regularly to remove dirt, prevent buildup of mold and mildew, as well as reduce unpleasant odors.

How does the interior cleaning process take place?

A steam cleaner is used to power wash, degrease and disinfect your vehicle’s interior.

What should I do if I want my seats to be cleaned?

If you have children, pets or are regularly exposed to stains on your car’s interior, you should clean your car’s interior at least once a week.

Do you clean the trunk?

Yes, we will clean your car interior steam wash and keep it smelling fresh too. We also provide regular maintenance to your car by performing a thorough cleaning of both your leather and fabric interiors to remove dust and allergens.

What is included in the interior steam cleaning package?

* Leather cleaning and conditioning, * Carpet & upholstery deodorizing and stain removal, * Specialty carpet care such as shampoo/extraction of pet stains, etc.

What is steam wash ?

Interior steam wash is a method that uses hot pressurized water to clean, sanitize and disinfect even those dirtiest of surfaces and fabrics on your car.


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