About Company

Professional washing and cleaning of your car

We are a prominent car wash company extensive experience in light vehicle and heavy vehicle wash techniques. We have been able to maintain the desired fame in business circles for being the best car wash company due to the excellent quality provided by us.

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The Company Profile

ECO Friendly Car wash based in Dubai. We are actively involved in Residential and commercial building cleaning. ECO Friendly car wash carries high-quality waterless car products And services that are completely biodegradable, silicon free, anti-fungal, sticking gum remover, and 100% natural eco-friendly. The prime benefit of ECO friendly car wash service for vehicle owners is that they can get rid of all difficulties of getting the car cleaned at gas stations by spending their valuable time since They are getting industries best cleaning solution
at their doorsteps in a very Professional and cost-effective way

Benefits of good customer’s services

  • 24/7 Service provided and quality and any number of quantity maintained
  • Stronger and brand identity
  • Operates a stable business
  • Time-Saving, fuel saving
  • Doorstep services
  • Customer convenient easy payment methods
  • Frequent customers’ touchpoint from management

Our Services

We offer total car wash techniques for customers who prefer a complete clean-ing of their vehicles. It includes inside and outside cleaning, windows clean-ing, polishing of windows, exterior, and alloy cleaning for a regular light and heavy vehicles. Rates can vary with higher and sophisticated models. We offer very efficient services like Zero wet, Eco Friendly, and acrylic water-less car wash based for full cleaning service. Vehicle security will be provided from our end our concern supervisor will be available on the premises.


  • We are a value-driven company and our mission is to bring customers every-where a professional and superior quality of car cleaning services that do not harm the environment or end-user.


  • To rapidly grow and to become the first name in UAE as the most innovative and nature-friendly car cleaning services company and to continue providing customers high-quality services.

Our Values

  • Serve our customers with professional staff.
  • We strive to conserve water resources.
  • Treat customers with high respect by providing quality services.
  • Saving customers time in a very cost-effective way.
  •  Always trying to add values for our customer
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